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ARCTIC / exploratory artist residency and research base

Isolated island base under the aurora borealis in a vast arctic landscape with Nordic + Sami culture

Description of residency program

An exploratory arts project working in the subarctic region of Northern Scandinavia. Begins March 2017 ran by La Wayaka Current artist-led organisation working with anthropological and ecological themes. We currently offer a residency program for artists and projects at Arctic. Here you will work with us for 21 days. Each group of artists will be given accommodation, a base for working, taken on research expeditions into nature, be introduced to flora fauna and local people.

We will be situated in a sparsely populated island off Finnmarks wild Northern coast. Sitting on a latitude of around N 70 degrees and only a few hours from Northcape the most northern point on mainland Europe. We will create a place in Arctic for research, discovery, collaboration and experimentation whilst focussing on the crucial and pressing issues of our time.

This vast, spacious and extreme arctic environment is white in winter and orange green in autumn, sitting on the belt of activity for the Northern Lights this provides a spectacular and otherworldly setting for an artist to research, explore and develop projects.

Duration of residency
21 - 42 days

July 28 - August 18
August 18 - Septemeber 8

March 10 - April 7
July 28 - August 18
August 18 - Septemeber 8

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
All disciplines are welcome to participate in the project to create a dynamic, collaborative and open environment. In the past we have worked with drawers, painters, sculptors, along with other visual artists, writers, performers, musicians, photographers, film makers etc.

Work equipment includes basic tools (tools used in the local area/culture). Creative, technical support and assistance is provided to artists. Natural materials are available for artists from the island to use such as found objects, wood, stone. Possibility to ship materials from nearby town out to the island.

As an artist at Arctic you will be living in basic accommodation traditional nordic farmhouse with an old barn and sawmill. Here there is plenty of workspace with flushing toilet, shower, bed, sheets, communal living area, dining area, sauna, kitchen, energy - light, power outlets and you will be sharing 2 per room - private rooms may be available depending on availability and will be with additional fee.

Studio/ workspace
There will be workspace for artists provided. Artists are also able to work outdoors along the private beach or around the vast spaces on the island.

Fees and support
We have built a project that gives artists opportunities to apply for and recieve funding support internationally to join us.

In the past supporters such as Danish Arts Foundation, Swedish Arts Council, OCA Norway, Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and Arts Council UK have offered artists funds as a result of our projects. Artists have also raised successful crowdfunding campaigns to realise their projects with us and others find their own private ways of funding themselves.
Included in all our programs is support, food, accommodation, workspace, taxes and local pick ups. We are also currently developing our workshops, talks, activities and research trips for the arctic program.
The costs of the program for 21 days is currently $1900 USD.

We do not cover transport fees, and artists are responsible for sourcing their own funding with our support.

Expectations towards the artist
Artists are expected to act independently and self direct their personal projects. We encourage participation in programmed events but it is not obligatory. We expect artists come into the project with a basic knowledge and respect for the local area and culture. 

Application information
We have an on-going deadline and artists can apply through our website at any time. We also welcome applications on behalf of a pair or group. 

The applications will be reviewed by directors of La Wayaka Current, you may be asked to answer further questions after submitting an application. Response time is usually between 10 - 30 days.

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ARCTIC / exploratory artist residency and research base

ARCTIC / exploratory artist residency and research base


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