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EDITION/Basel Summer Sessions

12 Days of Printmaking in Basel, Switzerland.

Artists working in intaglio, relief, lithography and letterpress techniques will be selected to participate in 2 sessions at the Druckwerk Printmaking Studio in central Basel, Switzerland. Each session is a 12-day program consisting of 10 artists. 

The program is intended to be an opportunity for artists working in the field of printmaking to come together to share ideas, techniques, and cultural insights, all while immersing themselves in the process of creation. There is of course the chance to learn new techniques, but there is no teaching element of the program. Participants are expected to have some hands-on experience with printmaking.

Session 1 runs from August 1 - 12, 2018, concluding with an exhibition at the Basler Papiermühle Museum. Exhibition project themes are chosen collaboratively, and interpreted individually or collectively by participants during their time in the workshop.

Assistance in the studio is available between 10 - 4 for the first week of the program.

Limited accommodation is available on-site. There are both shared and single options, ranging in price from 400 - 700 CHF for two weeks. All rooms have access to a kitchen, bathroom, and laundry facilities. There are also a number of apartments for rent in the nearby area, which the organizers can help to secure. In the past, participants coming with family members have opted to rent their own apartment in the city of Basel, which is a friendly, safe, and accessible city.

The program takes place at the druckwerk print studio, located in the Werkraum Warteck PP, a former brewery, in Basel, Switzerland. See link below. The space is a large, open room on the second floor of the building, accessible by elevator. There are many work tables spread around the studio. The building is in KleinBasel, and is within two blocks of a grocery store, restaurants, and bakeries. It is also two blocks from public transportation, and the Rhein river. Basel in the summer is a busy, active town, and the river can be swum in.

Program fee is 400 CHF.

*The official deadline for this program has past, but we have had recent cancellations that have prompted us to reopen our call. Artists are also welcome to apply in advance for next summer.*

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EDITION/Basel Summer Sessions

EDITION/Basel Summer Sessions


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