Deadline: 05/03/2019

Brashnar Creative Project: Artist-in-Residence Season 2019 an international and interdisciplinary program,

Invites artists/writers for cultural exchange, self-sustainable living, and art experimentation.

Description of residency program
Brashnar Artist-in-Residence (BAiR) is an independent, artist owned and operated urban artist residency program located in the neighborhood Hrom on the west side of Skopje, Republic of Macedonia. BAiR is a multi-faceted residency program allowing international resident artists/writers the freedom to explore the potentials of their practice while experiencing Macedonian culture through group related activities.
While residing at BAiR, residents live in the family oriented neighborhood of Hrom and are encouraged to embrace the local culture and to engage the surrounding community while immersing themselves in the potentials of contemporary artistic production. Residents also help staff members with garden related activities at Volkovo Project Space and learn how to live a sustainable lifestyle.
The residency is open to all emerging and mid-career visual artists and writers that strongly encourage work involving innovative and traditional forms of art making along with collaborations, artist-led projects and socially engaged practices. This is a self-directed, process based residency with no obligation or expectation to complete a body of work, but artists are expected to participate in open studio events organized by Brashnar that occur during the last week of each month.
Brashnar Artist-in-Residence offers work and living space for up to 6 artists/writers for stays of one month with 2 - 3 staff artists living with the residents in the Art House during the residency session.
Open to all emerging (must have completed undergraduate degree or experience equal to) and mid-career artists/writers. Applicants can be writers, individual artists and collaborative teams with a maximum of 2 members.
Applicants must have a working knowledge of English. Knowledge of Serbian, Croatian, or Macedonian is a plus, but not required.

Duration of residency
1 month residency sessions 2019:
May 2 nd - May 30 th
June 2 nd - June 30 th
July 2 nd - July 30 th
August 2 nd - August 30 th
September 2 nd - September 30 th

Applicants in the following fields are eligible to apply: drawing, painting, mixed media, new media, digital photography, sculpture/installation, performance/video art, interdisciplinary arts, printmaking (linocut or woodcut), literature, socially engaged practice and cultural research.

While residing Brashnar Artist-in-Residence, resident artists/writers live in the Art House, an open, communal style environment. The living area for resident artists and staff consists of six private bedrooms, two fully equipped kitchens, two and half bath, two shared community rooms, two balconies, a courtyard, and two washing machines offer on-site laundry for resident use. Residents are also provided with a bed, linens, pillows, blankets and towels during their stay.

Studio area consists of four private studios and one semi-private studio for residents. The area around the Art House is also available to residents as a space for temporary installations or performance. Each studio has a worktable, chairs, easel, clamp lights and drawing board. The studio area has a bathroom, storage and small kitchen and an outdoor common area for coffee/tea. All studios are entirely private, lockable and residents have 24-hour access to their studios. Individual writers are provided with a private bedroom that acts as a live/work space. Attached to the bedroom is a small semi-private balcony that leads to a semi-private shaded courtyard with a table and chairs.
Volkovo Project Space is available for residents to pursue collaborative projects, video or live performance, small scale land art projects and installation or small - mid sized sculptures.

Work Equipment
Available tools or equipment for resident use: PC desktop computer, portable projector, printing press for linoleum and woodcut, studio and work clothes, basic hand tools (scissors, meter ruler, hammer, screwdriver, trowels, protective eyewear, face masks, pliers, handheld saws, level, wire cutter, hot glue gun, finishing brush for concrete, caulk gun, tape measure, clips, box cutter), electric hand drills and saws (upon request), etc.

Materials available for residents use: yarn, thread, cardboard, glass bottles, plastics, wire, scrap metal, variety of paper, ceramic tiles, concrete/mortar, used buycicle inside tubes, etc.
Wireless Internet is available throughout the Art House, studios and Volkovo Project Space.

The current fee for attending the residency is 300 Euro per month per person. Expenses for artists/writers related to the residency include travel expenses to Skopje, materials for studio practice, food/meals not from our gardens, public transportation to locations in Skopje, any possible accommodations during group/personal travel.

Guided tour of the surrounding neighborhood and city center in Skopje
Transportation to and from airport or bus terminal
Transportation for any group related travel outside of Skopje and to Volkovo Project Space
Kitchen will be stocked with spices, herbs, natural teas/coffee
Unlimited supply of seasonal fruits and vegetables from Brashnar gardens
2-4 traditional, home cooked Macedonian meals by Brashnar staff members at Volkovo Project Space/Art House
Organization of Open Studio Events

Expectations towards the artist
Informal presentation of residents work at the beginning of the first week.
Garden related activities once a week totaling approximately 2 - 4 hrs
Weekly group cleaning of shared living area
2- 3 scheduled group dinners per week
Cultural exchange night through meal preparation, cultural dance or other various forms of cultural exchange.
2 short group trips to locations outside of Skopje (half-day to full day)
3 day/2 night group trip to Lake Ohrid during the last week of the residency
Open Studio Event at the end of the month with resident artists presenting their process/work to the neighboring community and the local art community
Any possible community related projects

Application information
For application forms and guildlines visit our website

(No fee to Apply) Deadline MARCH 5th, 2019

Brashnar Creative Project: Artist-in-Residence Season 2019 an international and interdisciplinary program,

Brashnar Creative Project: Artist-in-Residence Season 2019 an international and interdisciplinary program,


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