Deadline: 27/01/2019

Solitary Artist Retreat in Nevada

Solitary Artist Retreat in Nevada.

Description of residency program
The Montello Foundation provides a solitary retreat where artists can experience the vastness of a desert landscape from a safe building, a “base camp,” a unique space for inspiration and creation, a place that provides a shield from distractions in the solitude of the desert.

Duration of residency
2 weeks

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Open to all disciplines, 37sqm studio, basic power tools and hand tools. No assistance, no staff present.

A building designed with a large shading roof under which there are two distinct spaces: one space for the bodily needs: eating; sleeping; washing, and a stove for the cold desert nights, and a second space for work: for writing; painting; drawing; studying, a space for the first materializations of new ideas.

Fees and support
There is no cost for this program. Artists must cover travel and living expenses.

Expectations towards the artist
brief written report with images and/or audio

Application information
Application at

Solitary Artist Retreat in Nevada

Solitary Artist Retreat in Nevada

United States of America

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